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BI Bond 2022

BI Bond 2022

Solvent Acrylic Adhesive for Pressure sensitive Adhesive Tapes


A premium quality, high peel PSA. It is a single component PSA adhesive with high peel strength and good tack. This PSA has been found useful in the coating of film, foil, and paper carriers for industrial Pressure- sensitive tapes. It has excellent masking properties to certain backing

Material with appropriate treatment on it up to 130 ℃.Possible applications include tapes for electrical insulations, the Automotive industry, etc. This adhesive has outstanding cohesive strength and is ideally suited for all types of PSA tapes. The properly cured adhesive does not transfer when the finished tape roll is unrolled.

Key Features:

1. Good anchorage on PET, Paper, foils, etc.
2. Excellent balance of tack & peel
3. Easy Pigment compatible
4. Masking properties up to 130oc
5. Excellent shear strength

Chemical Composition

Vinyl Acrylic Co-Polymer

Physical Appearance

Clear Transparent Viscous liquid

Viscosity at 25℃ by RVD11+Sp.No 5/10rpm

35 to 40 poises

Peel Adhesion at 25 gsm

1.1 kgs (on polyester film)


Ethyl Acetate/Toluene

Application Method

Roller (Direct or Reverse)


Aggressive Thermoplastic




Clear transparent


Fruity sweet smell

Solid content % (1 hrs @ 110oc)



Ethyl Acetate, Toluene

Typical cured Adhesive properties

180-degree Peel Adhesion (kg/25mm)

1.1 kgs

Roll ball tack (Ball no 7 travels in cm)

8 cm

Shear strength hrs.

≥5 Hours

Evaluated at 25-micron PET film coated with 25±2 micron

We also have variant of FR grade, UV grade and Blended FR-UV grade.

Instructions to use adhesive:
PSA should be used with proper equipment to the substrate. It is important that the solvents be dried efficiently in the coating machine, otherwise residual solvents could lead to a decrease in technical characteristics of the finished product.

Storage & Shelf Life: The adhesive should be stored in a cool and dry place and prolonged exposure to direct sunlight should be avoided. To obtain the best performance, the product should be used within 5-6 months from the manufacturing date, under ideal storage conditions.